Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Cool Vintage Things I've Found Lately

Long time no blog about my vintage passion. I've been out shopping a lot lately and here's a few things I've found:

This is a super cool, SUPER comfy crushed velvet armchair that is now residing in out reading room. I love it. The back actually tilts to suit your comfort level!

This highchair had me at first site. She was pretty dirty when I found her which must be the reason no one snatched her up before me. She was like a shiny diamond hiding in a lump of coal. Or maybe I've just got one-of-a-kind taste and other people think it's ugly...nah, that's absurd!

I've got some kind of a "thing" for old coffee decanters, this baby I fell head over heels for right away!

Can you say "groovy"? You can't? Oh no! Stick with me and I'll teach you how to be groovy. This photo album SCREAMS groovy, just think of how many people would say when they saw it...what the hell it that?? or, hay, 1976 called and they want their photo album back!

Ok everybody, repeat after me, I can be groovy, people want me to be groovy, and I'm not afraid to be groovy, I like me....

1 comment:

Us! said...

If ever you were wanting to give me a present, it would be the coffee decanter!!!

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