Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick Weekend Toy Sale

Quick Weekend Sale!

All my toys are on sale this weekend. 20% off, just convo me your order and I'll adjust the listing. Here's where my toys are located:

Now is the time to start buying things to put away for the upcoming holiday season, the last thing you wanna do is wait til the last minute and have to go to target for a brand new, authentic vintage replica fisher price toy made in China by underpaid workers, or, maybe you do. I'm non judgmental, I'll still take your money so here's a few things that would make great gifts for that special toddler in your life:

Very cool cardboard Disney nesting blocks in Excellent Condition.

Here's a nice puzzle for you favorite future ROCK STAR.

Stacking rings for fine motor skills development, fashion party bracelets, or Polly pocket beach party tubes.

And of course, a nice vintage scary ass doll to scare the crap out the your favorite little monster.

No, she's not really that scary, see:

That's All Folks....Have fun shopping and have a great weekend :)

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