Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A couple more shirts

Ok, I think I'm done for a bit now, or at least done showing off LOL

This next Shirt, I followed my tute, skipping the elastic and some of the measurements, I just eyeballed everything. Bother items came from my closet, a short sleeved V neck tee and a twirly dress. I actually have enough to do two more out of that dress, one from the muslin lining and another from the groovy bottom panel as shown here:

I also like non baggy shirts, to show off my belly from time to time. I love my pink v neck tee but it's just SO SHORT as I grow. I wore it all day today and kept pulling it down, so I grabbed that scrap from yesterday's shirt and sewed it onto the bottom.

First I cut of the bottom hem:

Then I pinned the right sides together...I never pin things cuz ... either I'm really so good of a seamstress, that I'm above that, or I'm so stinkin' lazy that even picking up a pin that's lighter than a feather wears me the eff out. You decide. Anyway, I pinned them because tee shirt material rolls like a mofo, so it just made it a tad bit easier to sew together.

The finished product:

I swear I'm not that freakin grumpy.

The End

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