Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We got a new kitty! Meet Daisy

I was at local coffee shop yesterday....I have never stepped foot in this coffee shop even though it's been there a year and it's my town's only indie coffee shop, I always go to Caribou (I know, so sue me) but I felt a desire to go in and check it out.....as I was looking around at the art on the walls and enjoying the fish living in the vintage tv, the community bulletin board caught my eye. I saw ads for house cleaning....computer repair etc.....then I spotted a FREE KITTIES sign! I grabbed the number and thought about it all day. We already have 2 cats and a dog, 5 humans and a fish living in a 2 bedroom house.....did we really need a new cat? Well, the big cats and dog pretty much stay away from each other, and the big cats never leave my bedroom because of the dog. The dog seems bored and yadda yadd yadda.....I thought that a kitty might bring some animal love to the house. The big cats are due to expire soon, they might as well die with a young kitten who loves them, ya know? I also thought that the new kitty could become a playmate for the dog. Boy was I spot on with that one. They played together all night! I'm confident once the arrogant big cats get used to her they'll love her just as much as the dog does.

She the sweetest little thing that has come into our house in a long time. There's just nothing like new kitty love. I carried her around in my hoodie when the kids went to bed since she was was crawling on their heads and bugging them while they were trying to sleep LOL.

And you know we have a new family member when they get something knitted by me LOL I made her this little ball with strings and bells. I'm sure it'll be torn apart in a few days, but it's not like I'll ever run out of yarn ;)

Welcome to our family Daisy!


Eliea said...

she;s adorable! I wish our kitties would play with our dog We even got our last one who is great with dogs. But she's terrified of our big crazy lab. lol
She's gotten braver since last summer but she's still not the playful buddy for her I was hoping for. Congrats on your new baby!

Soulful Hues said...

Thanks :) Or dog is a big lab too. He's very gentle with her and I'm so glad! He was desperate for companionship LOL

*Jess* said...

She's beautiful! I am glad she's fitting into the family just fine :)

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