Monday, March 23, 2009

The Middle One Gets a Halter Top

I've decided to just keep going in order and ask each kid what they want me to knit when it's their turn, then I'll post my FO's here.

Ok, so hot off the needles...well, hot last night anyway, is a cute spring halter style top with a one button adjustable closure. She loves it! It was so simple that it's really just plain scary. I love simple knitting :)

Ok, here's the pattern:

Cast on 100 sts on size 3 circs, with the long tail cast on method, join and knit 1x1 rib for a couple/few inches

Change to size 5 circs and knit stockinette st (I tossed in some random stripes as I went, no rhyme or reason) for 7-8 inches give or take an inch or two to fit your desired recipiant.

Change back to size 3's and knit about 1.5 inches of 1x1 rib.

Cast off in rib fashion on size 5's

Grab the tail yarn from your cast on, and pick up 10 sts for the strap.

Knit garder stitch for about 12 inches, then add a button hole...starting at the beginning of a row, K5, BO2, K3, next row, cast on those 2 sts that you bound off and viola you have a button hole (you may need to make a button hold bigger then 2 sts, mine was actually a bead).

K2 rows, add button hole, k 2 more rows, add another button hole, K 2 more rows, then cast off, weave in end, attach button and put it on your kid and revel in your talent :)

This pattern is for personal use only. I charge a small fee for the right to sell your finished product. Please email me at : for more info. Thanks :)


mrae said...

I am loveing this. What size is it???

jenn said...

That is so cute! Love your patterns! Thanks for sharing!

Soulful Hues said...

It's size 3-5t :)

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