Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Handmade?

Along with protesting society as I do by using and selling vintage or second hand things. I also am quite resourceful in making things I need for my family rather then buying new... diapers, clothing, art, napkins, etc... If I can't make it, or simply don't have the desire to, I buy it handmade. If I buy from a stranger, I like to visualize them working in their studio (also known to many as a kitchen, a living room couch, a dining room table, a garage, etc...), doing what they do best. Doing what they love to do, create. I get a certain satisfaction in knowing that they had a damn good time making my particular item, and if they didn't have a good time, chances are they learned something new in the process. Add to that, the satisfaction of knowing that I alone kept one less bar of soap from being manufactured in a huge factory who's workers may be treated poorly (to say the very least) and who's energy consumption is why too high, and I'm a very happy camper thankyouverymuch.

I ran across the following animation from Crankbunny on goshdarnknit's blog and felt the urge to share. You can read the full article in the storque.

I leave you now with this bight gal's clever opinion on "why handmade":


Half-an-Acre said...

thankyou for posting a comment on my blog! i've added links now so you can look up what a limpit is! LOL!

P.S. Original said...

good for you! nice blog

Debbie~ said...

OMGoodness love the Robotic video...It ROCKS!!! I can't believe the creativity etsy people have! I wish etsy.com was around when I was in my
20's, I feel like the opportunities are endless there, a huge opening to the world right at our fingertips!!! Great blog Soulful, I hope you visit mine sometime!!!


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