Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vintage Dolls

I love vintage dolls, well, anything toy related really, but there's something very special about a doll that several children might have loved to their utmost. Now, porcelain dolls are nice too, but they are more for decoration then to play with. I like plastic or cloth dolls, I like brushing the hair of a doll that a child has loved, I like changing her clothes, and I love when my children grow a fondness toward the doll. Just imagine who might have played with these dolls in the past, imagine the tea parties they've attended, imagine the clothes they've worn, the secrets they've kept, the love they hold, the comfort they've brought. The children who loved these dolls may have grown up, but their dolls are still here, holding all the memories, as happy or as unhappy as some of those memories may be.


Margaret said...

Very nice dolls, and what lovely thoughts to think about when playing with a vintage doll. Great blog.

Wonderful World of Etsy said...

Great vintage dolls.

Appleschloss said...

Aw I love vintage dolls...I think my favorite thing about all vintage things is imagining the stories and memories that go with each piece.

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