Monday, January 7, 2008

How to knit using the magic loop method, and let's knit a doll shirt while we're at it!

Let's face it. I'm a magic loop (ML) snob, I fully admit this. I don't knit many things that don't use this method, and if I come across something that I need that isn't knit with ML, I find a way to alter the construction method to suit my desire.

It occurred to me that I push and push ML but I've yet to share my ultimate wisdom on the subject, so, without further ado, here my lame attempt at a pictorial on the ML method, and while were at it, let's knit a shirt for a baby doll. I'm not much for meaningless swatching/knitting (we've got the best dressed dolls in town)


Ok, we're using really long (29 or 32 inches, I forget) US sz 8 circular needle, with worsted weight leftover yarn from our stash.

We CO 35 sts using the long tail CO method and pull all the sts down to the middle of the cable:

Then we pull the cable through to split up the sts (half and half is ideal, but perfection is not my best quality):

Then put the sts on the actual needles to make sure that we have no twisting (the MOST important part of working in the round. Notice how all my sts are facing each other):

Then we hold the sts firmly with our fingers, and gently pull the right needle up so that the sts are now on the cable instead of the needle, be careful not to twist those sts!

Now we just start knitting:

I forgot to take a pic of when we finish working the stitches on the left needle but you set it up the same way as we did in the beginning. All sts on two needles, pull the right one through and knit.

Ok, we're working 1x1 rib, so do that for 6 rounds. then make sure it fits your intended doll:

Hay, I said we've got the best dressed, not the best looking baby dolls. This is actually not my intended recipient. My intended recipient was sleeping snuggled up to my youngest when I started this project.

Ok, so it fits, yay!

Next round: knit all sts
Inc rnd: K1 M1 (by picking up and knitting the yarn between two sts) (69 sts)
K 6 rnds

Arms: BO 17 (with US sz 10 needle to make it nice and loose) K17 BO 17 K17
Rejoin and knit 18sts, rejoin and knit 18 sts

Now, I noticed at my second rejoin, that I had a really long strand of yarn between the two sts, so I just made a loop and put it on my needle to close up that hole a bit:

Knit a few rows, try it on baby:

Looks great!

Knit to length, BO. weave in CO and BO tails and you're done. I made this in one night after the kids went to bed.

I wanted to keep knitting and knitting to make it a dress so that my lazy bum doesn't have to knit pants, but I ran out of yarn :(

In the light of day:

Alright class, let's see your doll shirts!


Anonymous said...

i think i'm going to try this this eve! am in the middle of knitting lovers gloves for a friends wedding but i'm sure i can fit time in for a quick tutorial!

i've seen ML mentioned lots of times but haven't seen any instructions on how so i'll let you know how it goes!

i'm not sure where i came to your blog from but it was a link to your girls spring top with pattern

~Jen~ said...

Thanks you for this tutorial! I love that it actually makes something instead of just a swatch. And my DD is so excited about having a new dress for her favorite doll!

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