Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stupid hat

I made a stupid hat today.

The good news is that it fits all the kids, so it will serve it's purpose of keeping their heads warm.

Maybe it would look better with the brim rolled. It may have more of the triangle shape I was going for.

I was just dying to use the yarn really. So I cast on not knowing really what I was going to knit. It's linen, silk and a tad of rayon, and, of course, hand dyed by me.

The pattern for the uber strange:

Worsted weight on size 8 circs

C0 60 sts, join and knit in stockinette stitch for a few inches, then place markers after st# 30 and 60, then do a "S2, K1, psso" double dec as seen here (scroll down) by starting two st before marker.

Do this every other round until you have about 8 stitches on your needles, then thread the remaining st through your working yarn and weave in the ends.

Easy, peasy, it took me one day while parenting and doing more housework then I did in the last two weeks.

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c said...

i love the looks on all of their faces

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