Thursday, November 1, 2007

Schmurple Skirt pattern

Ok, this is so easy, and so super cute with tights in the winter. Made for my 3.5 year old daughter, (SIZE 2-3t) I'm naming it the Schmurple Skirt (named after her favorite pj's LOL). The black and purple hues just look so nice together on this cotton, hand dyed, recycled yarn. Knit in the round, using mainly stockinette stitch, this is a pretty quick knit. I did put elastic in the waist at the kids request. Drawstrings are too difficult for her to tie by herself and she likes coming down in the morning dressed by herself

US size 3 and 5 circular needles (16 inch length for knitting continuously in the round, or if you only have longer, just use the magic loop method)

Soulful Hues recycled, hand dyed cotton, sport weight, 200 yards

Other materials:
Darning needle, elastic for the waist, safety pin for feeding elastic through.


co 70 stitches on us size 3 needles using the long tail co method

work in 1x1 rib for a couple inches, using any preferred method for knitting in the round. I knit this using the magic loop method.

change to # 5's, inc one st every three stitches by making one stitch on the yarn between two stitches.

knit all rounds until garment reaches desired length.

BO a picot edging (co 3stitches using the cable method, bo 6 normally, repeat until item is off the needles)

Elastic waist:

Fold over half of the ribbing (about one inch) sew it down with your darning needle using a simple whip stitch. Leave about an inch unsewn until you feed the elastic through.

Measure the proper length of elastic, and feed it into your new casing, (you may want to grab your sewing machine and sew the elastic together at the ends after feeding it through, or you could just hand sew a couple stitches keeping the elastic together) sew up that last inch of the casing with your darning needle and your done!

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Emily said...

I'd love to knit the schmurple, but I'm not finding the yarn. Any options?

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