Sunday, October 21, 2007

Backwards loop cast on

I always use the long tail CO in all my projects. Always. Never more ye fools! Never! I really should be calling myself the fool. I teach the backward loop CO method to my friends, I've even taught it to my 5 yo daughter, who, I might add, has completely mastered it. As I CO my second sock of the pair I'm working on, I had a hankering to CO differently. I used the bakward loop method and I'm hooked. Just see for yourself how beautiful it is! It's also, easy, and super stretchy.

First pictured is the long tail cast on, with ribbing to follow, next is the backward loop with ribbing:

You can learn more about both these methods and more here:

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The Yarn Whisperer said...

The backward loop cast on sock looks like the ribbing would be too loose at the top, which may cause the sock to fall down. Whereas the Long Tail cast on looks nice ans snug... Is this true?

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