Saturday, January 22, 2011


I haven't had a home computer since like August of last year.  My computer took a shit and it just took a long time to get off my ass get it fixed.  I not only got it fixed, but it was in such bad shape that they junked it and gave me a brand spankin new one....don't ask me anything about it cuz I just don't know squat about computers.  All I know is that it works and it's shiny clean (but knowing me, it won't be shiny for long).  Anyway, so I've been up to knitting and jewelry making and parenting and socializing.  Over all having a good life but happy to be back online,

So here are some things I've been up to:

 A fancy sweater I made for my littlest.  Of course I just knitted it willy-nilly and didn't write down the pattern notes so I don't have the pattern put together yet.  Stupid STUPID!

 Here's a bulky scoop neck sweater I made for my oldest and I DID write down the notes this time so this pattern will be arriving in my my Etsy shop soon.

 I haven't spun yarn in about two years but it's like riding a bike and I hopped on and rode for miles.  I rediscovered how wonderful it is to spin and I'll be doing it more often and maybe even selling a bit from time to time so watch out for that to pop up in my shop.

Here's some worsted weight hand dyed recycled, respun cotton yarn for your viewing pleasure.

Well, that's it for now, I'll come back soon and share pics of my jewelry and other things happening.

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