Thursday, July 15, 2010

Barbie Dress with pattern

I was fairly bored the other day so I whipped up a couple dresses for my girls naked Barbies...yes, my kids play with Barbies, so sue me, judge me, whatever, bla bla bla.

Lucky for you guys I was bored, and in a good mood, because you get the pattern for free!

Granted, this is a pretty rough pattern, so if you have questions, feel free to ask and I can try to help.  This is not really for beginning knitters, although it is pretty easy.  I use the magic loop, so if you don't know how, learn it, then come back here and it'll be easy peasy.

Here we go:

US size 3 circs
Light worsted, or DK weight yarn

CO 32 sts using longtail CO method
K 2 rnds
K1YO every st for 1 rnd (64 st)
K16, bind off 16, K16, bo 16 (32 st)
join and knit 4 rnds
k2p2 for 6 rnds
k one rnd
K1 M1 every st for one rnd (64st)
Knit to length
K 6 rnds of garder st
BO on a Purl rnd
Weave in ends and you're done!


Julie said...

Thanks for the pattern, it looks pretty easy and well written.

I hope to make a few to encourage my daughters to dress their barbie dolls, lol.

Anonymous said...

Don't apologise for liking Barbies, for goodness' sake. I am nearly 70 and knit for them. And they are my own, all 20 of them.
So, thanks for the patterns you make, i am going to try them out.
I also make them for bazaars that sell gifts ... money raising for the Red Cross. Many thanks.

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