Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soulful Hues Yarn FAQ


What process does the yarn go through?
Soulful Hues Yarns go through a very labor intensive process. First, the sweater’s pattern pieces get taken apart, get dyed, they get a nice wash and dry, then the sweater pieces get unraveled straight onto a spinning wheel while being respun, then two or more colors get plied together. The finished skein gets wrapped, soaked and hung to dry, then it’s off to it’s destination, a local yarn shop.

Why use perfectly good sweaters someone can use to make yarn?
I try my very best to find sweaters that have stains or holes that other people would not want to buy to wear.

Why use recycled yarn?
Recycled yarn continues the cycle of cradle to cradle manufacturing. Because the artist begins with existing yarn, the process uses less energy and natural resources than "virgin" yarn. It also supports small/local businesses in two ways. Most projects start with a sweater or other product purchased from a thrift store, depending on where the sweater was purchased, part of the proceeds may be used within the community. Second, using recycled yarn benefits the artist who salvaged and dyed the yarn into the beautiful skein you see before you. Using recycled yarn also makes us think twice before tossing something out ... maybe it could be reused, reworked. And, going along with my love of cotton….who said sheep want to be shaved anyway?

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