Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Scarf

So I've been feeling a little unfashionable lately since I don't have a super cute, skinny, floppy scarf to wrap around my neck a gazillion times. So I made one. A couple relativity new things happened while I was thinking about making one. A) I'd have to knit it flat. That's like blasphemy in my world...I mean, flat knitting, that's so 1909 ya know? But, there was just no way around it, to get the flat item I desired, I'd just have to suck it up and knit flat. I did NOT however, use straight needles, that has been deemed as highly inapproprite and is against my knitting religion and would get me one pass straight to hell. So, I grabbed my biggest circs and went right at it. B) I knit the whole dang thing in the knit stitch, or the garder stitch. That is an absolute first for me, well, not a first first but I stopped knitting garder stitched projects mere weeks into my knitting career. I love simple, easy on the eyes projects and I also love lace projects but not too lacy, so I thought that if I knit in garder stitch with huge needles and with my unspun, or flat, recycled yarn, the stitches would be open and loose enough to pass for lace in my eyes. I was right, it's obvious to even the most inexperienced knitter that this is garder stitch, I'm not denying that fact, but it's knit loose enough that it pleases me and it is my scarf after all, and I love it!

It's roughly 5 feet long.

I used about 200 yards of light sport weight, recycled, unspun, hand dyed cotton yarn from my own stash. I used US size 11 needles and cast on 25 stitches, knitting every row until the yarn was gone.

And now I feel very fashionable and can keep up with the average Miss Jones ;)

Except for my big ass nose that is.


ella kelly said...

Aw, you're cute as can be!

ella kelly said...

Oh - of course, and the scarf is sweet.

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