Sunday, February 24, 2008

Setting the twist

This is a very important step in plying recycled yarn. The same concept is applied when putting curlers in your hair. You wet your hair, roll it up in the curlers, and when your hair air dries and you unroll it, it's curly. Here I've wet my freshly plied yarn, weighted it down a bit with heavy sweaters and am letting it air dry. When it's dry, the twist will be set and it will not twist upon itself when knitting. Unfortunately, it may be a few days until it's completely dry. Drying time in the summer should be significantly shorter ;)


laughing purple goldfish said...

what good timing you have... I was just about to message you over at ravelry, to discuss this very subject!

I've just started plying my reclaimed cottons... and was wondering whether I could 'set the twist' by re-washing and drying... thought you'd be the perfect person to let me know!

thanks for the information


Soulful Hues said...

Your right, what great timing LOL

Well, are you planning on machine washing and drying? If yes, then no, I do not believe that would set the twist. After I skeined my newly plied yarn, I plopped it in a sick full of luke warm water (I did put a drop of soap in there) and gently squeezed it so it would soak up plenty of water. I then rung just a bit of the excess water out, then let it drip dry (there was LOTS of dripping) while holding it down tight on the other end as shown in the pic. You know I'm no yarnie who likes to play by they rules, but I do believe there is just one way to set the twist.

I'm so happy to hear you plying, and cotton at that!

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks for the extra tips... it's summer here at the moment, so mine should dry a bit quicker than yours!

I'll let you know how it works for me

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