Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Watch me knit a shirt.

Here's the finished product:

I'm using my own pattern, based on this one.

For some reason, I feel compelled to post my progress each day. Here's yesterday's (day one) progress:

Stay tuned for day two!

Ok, so day two came and went and even though I knit like a maniac ALL DAY, I have no progress to show. I had to frog my work TWICE! that's ok though, I learned a bit along the way. I've been knitting a bit today and that's all I've got planned to do after the kids go to sleep tonight, so tomorrow morning I hope to have a nice progress pic!

Day three:

I made a lot of progress on day 3, I'm hoping to break off the arms today!

Day four:

Not too much progress went on yesterday, but some good parenting happened ;) A few more rows and I'll BO the arm holes.

The pics in the mirror are taken without the flash, this next pic was taken with the flash and the actual color of the yarn is in right in between. I just love looking at (and knitting) regular ol' stockinette stitch :)

day five:

lookin' like a shirt now!

Day six:

I'm a sucker for trial and error. This was what my shirt looked like at the end of day six:

I tried it on for giggles and it looked pretty bad. I made no room for my boobs so I frogged it back up past the arms and am going to add short rows for my boobs, then some ribbing under them then do some inc so that it's drapy and flared. I'm also going to do ribbing on the short sleeves rather then the rolled sleeve. Whew, back to knitting...

day seven:

ok, boobs are in and if all goes well, i'll be done frogging. i've added 30ish stitches after the ribbing and am doing a k1, yo, k1, bo1 pattern for the bottom. i'll take the needle up to 11 i think in a few inches :)

What day am I on? Day eight?

I really like the pattern I'm doing on the bottom. I'm up to a size 10 now and will switch to 11's around my belly button I think. The neckline isn't the most flattering, but that's the price I pay for flying by the seat of my needles ;)

Day eight:

i put my work down for a day, i'll pick it back up after the kids go to bed tonight. i did figure out how to fix the neckline to my liking thanks to my friends at ravelry!

day nine and ten have passed, maybe even day eleven, and i've only done a couple rows a day, nothing worth posting pics, I promise. I've lost a bit of my knitting mojo, but I'm confident it'll be back soon!

Found it! MY mojo, that is. I've totally lost count of what day I'm on but I'll be working hard on this today because I'd so darn excited! It's really looking good. I haven't come to a final decision about the neckline so any and all feedback is welcome :)

I've totally lost track of days, but I'm done! I'm going to wear it a bit before I decide what to do with the neckline.


c said...

looks like someone needs to spend less time knitting and more time cleaning off her mirror...hehehe.

just giving you looks fabulous already...and i want one!

Anna said...

As a non-knitter, reading that you'll BO the arm-holes cracks me up. LOL

I love it thoug

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