Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ok, fine, I'm starting a blog.


I have no time cuz I'm obsessed with knitting and I only use recycled fibers, I prefer plant fibers and will felt or sell any animal fibers that I recycle. Anyway, all my posts will be short and sweet, but I guarantee you will learn many things about knitting and recycling yarn if you stick with me

I'm working on a super duper simple adult tube sock. I've been knitting my kid's tube sock since they grow so fast. I've yet to knit me a pair of socks at all so I'm treating myself to some tubage to test it out and see if I wanna whip a few pairs out for gifts this holiday season. I wanna see if they function ok.

I recycled this cotton yarn from a white sweater and dyed it (actually my 5 yo dyed this skein) and now part of it will warm my feet this winter.

Thank for stopping by, and stick with me for a bunch of free patterns all knit in the round.

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